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Aleatory evangelical radio shows

An upcoming project, randomizing recordings of aleatory evangelical radio shows, in Sao Paulo. Sound chips of 1,5 min each of different radios in Sao Paulo.


Excerpt from Wikipedia “Religious Broadcasting”

Religious broadcasting is broadcasting by religiousorganizations, usually with a religious message. Many religious organizations have long recorded content such as sermons and lectures, and have moved into distributing content on their Internet websites.

Religious broadcasting can be funded commercially or through some sort of public broadcasting arrangement (religious broadcasters are often recognized as non-profit organizations). Donations from listeners and viewers, often tax-deductible, are solicited by some broadcasters. In some countries, particularly those with an established state religion, broadcasting related to one particular religion only is allowed, or in some cases required.


Talk radio, preaching, and radio drama

Some religious radio stations will present a no-music format that features talk radio style programming (sometimes including live radio call-in shows) and/or long-form “preaching and teaching” programs.

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